How it works

What is Bouygues Core

Bouygues Core is prepaid eSIM Smart Contract based on Blockchain
service between MNOs(Mobile Network Operator)

Benefit Bouygues Core

exchange their data

User can share or exchange their data with others.

lucrative MNO

Customer can choice flexible and lucrative MNO.

smart contract

We will develop a smart contract based on our chain. And anyone who has our coin or masternode can get some rewards for contributing to the revitalization of the chain

What is eSIM?

eSIM is essentially a SIM and its information and is a personal computer and a digital MFP.
Apple applied Apple's watch and iPad products to this product. impart.

Road Map

Future Of Bouygues Core

More Partners MNO, MVNO
To be Standard for eSim Sharing Service
More Bouygues Core Network Operators

Coin Specs

Type PoS + Masternode
Algorithm Quark
Block Time

60 SEC

Maturity 20 Confirmations
Difficulty Restargeting Every Block
Masternode Collateral 1,000 byg
P2P port 44252
RPC port 44253
Max Coin Supply 5,000,000 BYG
Premmine 10%

Reward Distribution

BLock no Reward/block Staking Masternodes
1- 1 BYG 0.10 byg(10%) 0.90 byg(90%)